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Power and Patience

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My being an Honorary Maasai Warrior taught me how and why the Maasai are known to be the fiercest warriors in all of Africa, Having the courage to face a lion and spearing it to its death is pretty damn powerful.  Yet, I would have to agree with Leo Tolstoy.  My soul life lesson has been very much about patience.  Trying to hurry up and get in there and fix things up or wanting what I wanted to happen to hurry up and happen!  Because of course, I knew what was best right!? Hahahaha….well as they say, life happens to us.  And patience has been my greatest pain in the butt and treasured lesson I have learned or that is to say my work in progress.

 Our time frame and wanting things to happen in that are very immature, near sighted and incidental in the big picture.  We have no control over making things happen in our time frame.  It is delusional.  Even the little things we think we have power over.  We can make our bed in the time frame we choose.  Unless the phone rings, or we don’t stub our big toe along the way.  These are out of our control.  We can feed our loved ones the healthiest of food but yet our child still gets Leukemia.  I’m not saying don’t eat healthy food.  But often it is not until these big life changing events happen that we realize we don’t have control, other than over our own behaviors, thoughts and actions.  When we choose to let go and put our thought and intentions out there then we can watch the beauty unfold before us in absolute awe and joy.  When we choose to not be stuck in fear and live by the time line of the Universe, that is power.  For us to not confine ourselves, limit our thoughts on what should or shouldn’t happen.  It is then we are free from the bonds of a false reality and truly become the most powerful warrior.  To live our life without knee jerk reactions, responding to what we want to happen feeding our ego as opposed to seeing what else might be possible with given a little time and patience. order Safari for The Soul here or on Amazon

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“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” — John Muir I recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting the staff of Earthwatch Institute at their Boston Headquarters. Not only was I warmed by their sincerity, but I was grateful for their vision and dedication in pursuit of caring for our planet. In 2011, I volunteered on three expeditions, Blazing the Biodiversity Trail in Brazil, Dolphins of Greece, and Saving Kenya’s Black Rhinos. I was 52 at the time, single and following my calling. I knew it would be like when I went off to college: Anticipation of what was to come, knowing I would be different when I returned, and anxious for all those same reasons along with traveling alone to these far away countries. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. Like college and getting an education, it is the same when venturing off with Earthwatch — an education, an experience that will always be a part of you, a broadening of yourself, like a breath of fresh air, a new you. Be prepared that volunteering on an expedition is quite holistic and all-encompassing. You will learn about the animal/environment you signed up for as well as the culture of this environment and its impact and struggles dealing with whatever threatened issue is involved. Black rhinos as seen by Jan Boal on the expedition Saving Kenya's Black Rhinos. You will experience being around a type of passion we seldom experience, usually only witnessing it in the movies. I am talking about the directors of the sites — these scientists who eat, sleep, and breathe in pursuit of their cause — who do it with such dedication and enthusiasm that once you experience this it will unlock something within yourself. Admiration and unlimited gratitude is what I felt when I went to sleep each night after returning from my expeditions. I knew these scientists were continuing their calling, their mission in gathering data and saving a part of our world — day, after day, after day, after day. The hands-on experience, learning something new and foreign, being challenged by this — by the travel, unfamiliar ways, and culture — working on a volunteer team consisting of such a variety of people unknown to you, realization of situation, the direness and frustration of this environmental issue, and the pride and joy you will experience is profound and life changing. I encourage you to trust in this process and have an experience, a journey of a lifetime. You won’t regret it!

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